Leveraging Diversity for Better Solutions

“We need to develop the habit of seeking understanding before making judgements, walking in another man’s shoes before passing judgement… We need to develop a new culture with less judgement, and a lot more love.” – Quinton Pretorius

Leveraging diversity in organisations is becoming an important strategy for leaders if they are going to attract, retain, and engage their employees and unlock the potential value of a diverse customer base. We need to look at diversity the same way we look at other business opportunities  and challenges. Some of the topics addressed in this keynote are:

Some of the topics addressed in this keynote are:

  • Which diversity matters most in the workplace? 
  • The barriers to diversity; and 
  • What does a strategic approach to diversity look like?

This engaging and practical keynote/workshop is based on research from over 72 countries and wasdeveloped in partnership with The Cultural Intelligence Center. Leading organisations across theworld such as Coca-Cola, Google, PWC, Harvard Business School, and Unilever leverage diversityto get the most out of their employees and customers. Why not you?

“Growth in sales revenue, profitability, market share, share price performance, and return on equity.In particular, cultural diversity offers the insight and flexibility needed for sustainable global successOrganisations with a diverse leadership are 35% more likely to outperform their industry peers.”Felicity Menzies from Culture Plus Consulting

Leverage diversity to get the most out of their employees and customers.
Your colleagues said ...

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and found it extremely relevant and worthwhile”.

“An interactive and fresh approach to thinking about diversity that challenges attitudes and behaviours”. 

“This was a fantastic course – For the first time the topic actually hit home”.

“The session exceeded my expectations and I really benefitted from this session”.

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