Our Team

Quinton Pretorius

Quinton has 22 years of experience in speaking, facilitating, and training within major corporations, universities, and youth organisations across South Africa and abroad. He lives and breathes diversity and relates exceptionally well to people from diverse backgrounds. His personal story is also a shining example of how one can overcome very difficult circumstances.

Quinton is best known for his use of stories, humour, multimedia presentations, and authenticity in his talks. His facilitation style is highly interactive and probing through which he helps diverse audiences make the transition from a subjective worldview and interaction style to having a greater appreciation for the complexity of social interactions in multicultural environments. Quinton leaves a lasting impression on his audiences through connecting, inspiring, and challenging them to unlock the potential of diversity.

In each of us, there is a desire for more. We can think about this desire but until we start intentionally acting on it, it seldom becomes a reality. Regardless of our backgrounds, we have the ability to create change and find our personal greatness.

Quinton Pretorius

Ed Ramsami

Ed is a catalyst who seeks to help people from various industries move from their current reality to a preferred future. He has been activating potential within individuals, teams and companies. 

He has done many soft skills training and facilitated a range workshops including leadership development, Hazard Identification Risk Assessment, team dynamics, Cultural Intelligence and change management processes for various organisations, corporates and educational institutions around South Africa, Africa, Australia, South East Asia, Europe and North America and has contributed to a few youth development publications and hosted a community youth programme on TV.

Mr. Ramsami holds a Bachelor of Theology from the Baptist Theological College of SA and has been accredited by the Cultural Intelligence Center USA and also serves as an Associate at TomorrowToday .
Ed is best known for his relational, interactive, humorous, multi-media presentations and workshops and has become a firm favourite amongst people of all cultures, races and ages.
Ed currently serves as the National Director for Youth For Christ SA a non profit youth development organization.

Mbali Donna Khumalo

Mbali Donna Khumalo is a Researcher and Corporate Anthropologist from Johannesburg, South Africa. Mbali is currently based in France, where she is pursuing a Masters degree after having been awarded a full academic scholarship from the Embassy of France. Her Masters Degree is in Intercultural Management (an interdisciplinary Masters focussed on Business management, Intercultural Studies and Languages) at the Université de Bourgogne. Mbali’s love for travel, people and intercultural experiences began after having received a full academic scholarship from ASSIST, to attend the Maret School in Washington DC for a year, in 2010. The experience of bridge-building, international collaboration and cross-cultural  earnings paved the way for her career in Anthropology and Intercultural Management consulting. 

After obtaining a triple major Bachelors degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, majoring in English Literature, Anthropology, and French Literature; Mbali worked as the Research and Knowledge Officer for a global Women’s Fund, where she provided strategic support to youth organisations in over 23 countries in anglophone and francophone Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition to doing Diversity and Cultural Inclusion research and facilitation work in Corporate South Africa, Mbali has worked as an Anthropology Research consultant and organisational culture expert, and led regional research work for multinational corporations. When she can find the time, Mbali teaches conversational French to corporate executives as a passion project, as she believes that it’s important for South African corporate structures to empower themselves with the skills needed to work and collaborate with francophone Africa. 

With social justice and youth empowerment being a major life-passion, in 2016, Mbali co-founded a social enterprise with her sister, called MbalEnhleSis. The sisters sold doeks (head-scarves) and donated a percentage of the profits towards providing free sanitary pads to young women at Wits University and at high schools. Thousands of sanitary towels were provided to young women and girls, through this initiative.