Our Products & Services

We speak and facilitate for major corporations, universities, and youth organisations across Africa and abroad. We focuses on subjects at the very core of daily social reality such as cultural intelligence, transformation, and adaptive leadership.
Our facilitation style is highly interactive and probing through which we helps diverse audiences make the transition from a subjective worldview and interaction style to having a greater appreciation for the complexity of social interactions in multicultural environments.

We use immersive exercises, engaging storytelling, and a good measure of light-hearted humour to leave lasting impressions on our audiences.

We (with our partnership with the CQ centre) have a series of face-to-face and virtual learning and development programs that are based on proven strategies for Leveraging Diversity across your organisation. We can build upon your existing programs or help you start from the beginning. A variety of courses have been developed for corporations, educational institutions, non-profits, and government agencies that are focused on three critical areas:

Our work around diversity & inclusion is researched in more than 100 peer-reviewed journal articles by scholars and research teams from all over the world. If you would like more information of the seminal findings please let us know and we can provide you this information. Below are a number of presentations, workshops, processes & virtual learning solutions.