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Cultural Values Profile:

The Cultural Values Profile is a research-based tool that allows individuals, teams, and organizations to compare their individual orientations on ten cultural value dimensions. Participants can use the profile results to consider potential points of unconscious bias and to map team differences that can represent challenges or synergistic opportunities. In addition, organizations can use it to more concretely measure what kind of value diversity exists across a team or the organization as a whole.

CQ Assessments:

Our CQ Assessments measure an individual’s capability for working and relating across cultures. Participants complete the assessment online and receive a personalized feedback report that compares their CQ with the worldwide norms, helps them interpret the feedback, and guides them through the process of creating a personal Development Plan. Organizations receive group reports that summarize scores for a group of participants, compare these scores with the worldwide norms, and offer suggestions for how best to use feedback.

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