Creating a Climate for Diversity and Inclusion

Creating a Climate for Diversity & Inclusion to Thrive is a program targeted at individuals and organisations who have done Cultural Awareness, Unconscious Bias, and Diversity & Inclusion 101training and want to know what are the next steps to make their work place more diverse, inclusive and equitable.

Using a blended-learning approach this program is targeted at those working with different cultures whether multi-national, multi-generational, ethnic, or even different organisational cultures within aworkplace. This engagement explores the following elements essential for building a climate where diversity, inclusion & Equity can thrive.

Attention: Participants will understand how paying attention to diversity helps build more inclusive teams.

Perspective-taking:: Individuals completing this module will learn how viewing things from a different approach is vital for leveraging diversity.
Focus:: Participants will gain insight and skills that facilitate their ability to see beyond the many possible distractions and challenges that come from a diverse team.
Space:: Inherent in this module is the exploration of the impact space has on creating the right climate for diverse teams to thrive.
Trust:: The participants will be given practical skills that can be utilised to build trust with diverse teams and clients.

Upon completion of this module participants should be able to develop and successfully implementstrategies that will enable them to foster a climate where diversity and inclusion can thrive.

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