Unconscious Bias

Unconscious biases are social stereotypes about certain groups of people that are formed by individualsoutside of their own conscious awareness. Left unattended these biases hamper individuals’ and organisations’ capability to build inclusive environments where diversity and inclusion can thrive.

Drawing on the Cultural Intelligence (CQ) framework, CQ Africa’s Unconscious Bias training utilises research-based findings to facilitate the development and implementation of strategies that will disrupt biasin individual lives and organisations. The CQ your Bias workshop (virtual or in-person) is led by one of CQ Africa’s trainers who are experienced in unconscious bias.


The overall objective is to learn how to manage bias in interpersonal and organisational interactions.Following participation in the program individuals should be able to apply research-based solutions forimproving self-awareness and begin to take the first steps towards developing culturally intelligentstrategies to make sure they do not act on biases.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Develop an understanding of unconscious bias, why it matters and how CQ can help disrupt bias.
  • Recognise sources and influences of explicit and implicit bias and learn CQ strategies for for interrupting these everyday influences.
  • Identify systemic bias in their organisations and learn CQ strategies to manage bias across the employee lifecycle based on the developed understanding of how bias affects organisational systems and practices.
  • Commit to the implementation of CQ strategies to manage bias on an ongoing basis including the development of a personal action plan to manage and challenge bias.

Participant Materials:

  • CQ® Your Bias participant guide
  • MyUB™ e-learning course (optional)
  • Cultural Values Profile (optional)
  • MyCV e-learning course (optional)
  • Digital copy of Expand Your Borders, written by Dr. David Livermore
  • Certificate of Completion that can be shared and added to your social media accounts
  • Digital Badge to validate your accomplishments. Showcase your digital badge on your email, resume,and social media accounts!

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