Learning Journeys

Expert Facilitators

Flexible Learning

Cost-Effective Solutions

Feedback Provided


In-Person Learning

Onsite sessions with a full-day instructor. Sessions are practical and include interaction and networking with other delegates. Practical lessons and content throughout, with an engaging structure.


Online Learning

Live online keynotes delivered on Zoom with complete flexibility. A cost-effective learning methodology that can be accessed from anywhere and is adaptable to client needs. Workshops can also be pre-recorded as an option.

Quinton Pretorius & Ed Ramsami are global speakers based in Africa. They have spoken in more than 15 countries for over 20 years. They speak to a wide range of audiences including: global corporations, universities, faith-based organisations and young people. Quinton and Ed use engaging storytelling, and a good measure of light-hearted humour to leave lasting impression on their audiences.

  • Building Bridges – We’re Better Together.
  • Afro-Centric Leadership
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • Leveraging Diversity

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